What are the world’s Top 10 urban beaches?   The weirdest festivals, most beautiful waterfalls, wildest festivals?

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  • Midnight Sun Rain sprayed like bullets the night I found myself camping in an abandoned Nazi bunker, deep in the Arctic Circle.      I had driven 3000 miles up Scandinavia in a station wagon, crossing Denmark, Sweden, and north into Norway.   Everyman’s Right is a Scandinavian law that allows anyone to
  • Whoever invented the infinity pool deserves a Noble Prize, an Academy Award, and the Order of Canada for good measure.   He/She/They married the most magical elements of paradise – views of the ocean, palm trees, azure-blue pools, white beaches – with a wet honeymoon and adjacent cocktail bar.  I’ve chased
  • The Scenic Eclipse’s owner wanted non-billionaire friends to experience the billionaire luxury yacht experience.   Count yourself in. The chef presents a burrito cigar, filled with chicken, salsa and guacamole, resting on a thick glass ashtray you haven’t seen since 1978.  Next up is a slice of marbled Jack’s Creek Australian
  • “Checking, in, please, my name is Robin Esrock.”“Excuse me, Robin…Ayers Rock?”“Yes, Esrock. “[Blank Stare]“E-s-r-o-c-k”“Oh, I see, that’s cool!” It’s cool because I’m checking into Ayers Rock Resort, and with an accent, there’s not a lot to discern my last name – of Lithuanian descent – than the name of the
  • A monk at the Lotus Lantern International Meditation Center: Photo – Robin Esrock Be it ashrams, retreats or a kibbutz, changing your lifestyle for even a weekend can be as refreshing as sipping cocktails on the beach.  A break in routine, for spiritual realignment or escape, provides a welcome sort
  • A plane, another plane, a 4-hour drive, a small boat, a larger boat, another smaller boat, and at last my toes touch the squeaky-white beaches of Malapascua Island. It’s one of the premier diving spots in the Philippines, and with 7000 islands, this is a country that’s full of them. 
  • Robin Esrock shares some of his favourite photographs from Brazil, along with his thoughts about why the country is so special. MUSIC AND DANCE Rhythm permeates Brazil.   Sometimes I catch myself listening to traffic, and even it carries a tune. Teenagers listen to the same classic bossa nova songs their
  • I’m not a particularly big fan of soccer, but I love the FIFA World Cup.  Every four years, countries clash on the football pitch in a proxy war for cultural supremacy, creating a spectacle that delivers controversy, thrills, and the illusion that the world can truly come together every once
  • We travel for different reasons, but there’s a bucket list waiting around the world no matter what you’re into. Here’s a round-up of new experiences that fit the bill. For the Underwater Enthusiast: An Ocean Expedition Off Cape Town’s Coast  For those who just completed their diving certification, or always
  • Rotorua.  The name sounds like a machine designed to trim the weeds of boredom.  It means “Second Lake” in Maori, a quiet town surrounded by stunning geothermal geysers, forests and crystal lakes.  Kiwis are widely known to love jumping, sliding, biking, swinging, rolling, falling, just about everything-ing, and visitors to
  • Gorillas Want to see gorillas in your midst?   Lonely Planet Magazine gave Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, located in southwest corner Uganda, its 2010 Best Wildlife Encounter Award.   Surrounded by stunning volcanoes, you trek through dense jungle, tracking a family of huge gorillas.  Watching these powerful beasts interact in the wild,
  • Chances are I’ll end up at a bar with a bunch of guys, and most likely the fact that I’ve travelled all over the world will come up, in which case the topic of which countries have the most beautiful women will DEFINITELY come up.  We are men after all,