Warner Springs

Soaring in So-Cal


My skin peels itself off my face, and I can feel my kidneys sliding along the back of my teeth. This is soaring, or sailplaning, a fixed-wing glider pulling negative G’s and hitting anti gravity. Below me, Warner Springs is a rush of colour, as the glider arcs up in a gust of warm thermal air, spins, and screams in for a landing. Built with similar technology to fighter jets, soaring delivers the thrill of pure flight. No engines, no fuel – just air currents, speed and grace.

Length of Trip : There are 20, 30 and 40 minute introductory flights

Cost :
Click here for prices and packages.

Best time to go : When the thermals are firing! Rides are offered year-round

Wheelchair friendly : Contact Sky Sailing to make arrangements

Family friendly : There is no minimum age, but it's suggested for kids 4 and older.

Where to eat :
Exotic game meats over the wood fired grill at the County Line BBQ Cafe

Official Site :

Where to Stay :
Check out the Pantai Inn in La Jolla, and since you're nearby, visit my friends the Scuba Diver Girls for an amazing introductory dive in the coves of the La Jolla protected reserve.

Getting There :
Warner Springs is a 90-minute drive from San Diego, and about 2 hours from Los Angeles. Of course, that depends on traffic!

Note from Robin :
No engines, no fuel – just air currents, speed and grace. Much like hang gliding or paragliding, sailplane pilots hunt warm pockets of air called thermals in order to gain elevation. Each pocket of warm air results in a dramatic upwards swing. Safely strapped in, there’s not enough room in the cockpit for too much bouncing around from the turbulence. Modern German-built gliders, withstand more pressure than fighter jets, have reached over 13,000 metres in altitude, and covered an incredible 2250 kilometres. It is said that the best pilots in the world are avid gliders, capable of feeling the winds beneath their wings.



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