Feel the heat

Sauna in Helsinki


Most Finnish apartments and houses have their own sauna. For those who prefer to interact with others soaking in their human juices, Finnish community saunas function as they have for centuries. Built in 1928, the Kotiharju Sauna is the only remaining public wood-burning sauna in Helsinki. I knew I had found the right place due to a large neon sign, and a dozen, half naked men loitering outside the door. Finns believe the body only looks its best after thirty minutes inside a sauna. Strip down, join in the fun, and decide if they’re right.

Length of Trip : 1 hour

Cost :
Entrance to the Kotiharju Sauna costs €12, and another €3 if you want to rent a towel. You can also rent a disposable seat cover, and buy dried fish to snack on afterwards. You can find the latest prices here.

Best time to go : Open year round

Wheelchair friendly : Contact operator to make arrangements

Family friendly : Ages 6+

Where to eat :
Fafa's (Falafel)

Official Site :

Where to Stay :
Budget: Hostel Suomenlina
Mid-Level: Hostel Diana Park
High-End: Hotel Kamp

Getting There :
The Kotiharju Sauna is open Tues-Friday from 2pm-8pm, and Saturdays from 1pm –7pm. It is located at Harjutorinkatu 1, Helsinki, a few blocks from the Sörnäinen metro station.

Note from Robin :
Razors, seat covers and fresh or dried birch leaves are also available. No reservations are necessary. Private saunas are available. For an extra fee, an attendant will also give you a good scrubbing, and massage therapists are on-site. The highest bench in the public sauna are hotter than hell, but that doesn't stop locals from enjoying it. If you're feeling lightheaded, get out for some fresh air, and remember to drink water to stay hydrated.



New 2017 Ford Escape

It’s a rare occasion when the name of a car aligns so perfectly with what I’ve used it for. Whether rocketing along the notorious Trans-Labrador Highway, or cruising among the mountainous candy of one of the world’s most beautiful drives, the Ford Escape has indeed lived up to its name. It has stood up to some pretty epic challenges, and that includes taking a 6-month baby on a 30-day cross-country book tour. Compact yet spacious, powerful yet fuel efficient, and loaded with features you’ll soon wonder how you did without, the Ford Escape more than lives up to its moniker. – Robin Esrock