Infinity Pools in Anguilla

Whoever invented the infinity pool deserves a Noble Prize, an Academy Award, and the Order of Canada for good measure.   He/She/They married the most magical elements of paradise – views of the ocean, palm trees, azure-blue pools, white beaches – with a wet honeymoon and adjacent cocktail bar.  I’ve chased infinity pools around the world, from the incredible pool located 57 stories high above Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands to the rugged natural pools camping on Vancouver Island.   Imagine my joy arriving at the Viceroy Hotel and Resort on Anguilla, a tiny somewhat off-radar Caribbean island-nation known to attract celebrities, honeymooners, and burned out urban refugees.  The sun is setting exactly where it should be, steaming up the purple-streaked sky, its orb the rich orange of an organic, free-range egg.   Palm trees cast shadows on the few silhouetted couples wading in pool water as calm and dense as mercury.   Angels are blowing warm wind on the back of my neck, and my pina colada is pitch-perfect. Paradise can mean many things to many people, but right now, it means Anguilla.  

There are direct flights from Toronto to San Maarten, and it’s a short 20-minute boat ride to the British Overseas Territory of Anguilla.  The tax haven is only 26km long by 5km wide, with one main road running through the middle.  There are no mountains, and hardly any traffic.  What it does have is 33 mind-blowing beaches, dreamy tropical weather, fat mangos and proudly, no chain hotels, burger joints or branded coffee shops.     “This is what everyone wants the Caribbean to be,” says Patrick Lynch, who owns the delicious Roy’s Bayside Grill.  “White sands with nobody on it.”     

There’s sailing, beach walks, and with 27C water as clear as this, outstanding snorkeling and diving.  Artificial reefs have been created with purposely-sunk ships, attracting divers from around the world. Explore the 200ft wreck of the MV Sarah, play with turtles on the 75ft Oosterdiep wreck, or the lobster, barracuda and countless fish feeding off the MV Commerce. The island’s three dive companies – Shoal Bay ScubaSpecial D and Vigilint – are knowledgeable, professional and fun to hang out with. Locals on Anguilla love what they do, and love where they live.   

Anguilla has three, pricey five-star resorts that are extraordinary:  The ViceroyCap Juluca, and the sprawling CuisinArt, owned by the same chap behind the appliances.  You can rent stunning villas, or stay in more affordable accommodations like the Anacoana Boutique Hotel, centrally located, comfortable and rather less flashy.  Anguilla’s dining options are outstanding, and the island has long been known as an off-radar foodie getaway.    

Regardless of whether you make it to an infinity pool or not, the beaches, dining, people and activities make Anguilla an ideal Caribbean escape, and award well worth giving to yourself.

Before You Go:

Visit the island’s tourism website for accommodation and dining recommendations.  Although the island is blessed with all-year gorgeous weather, its busiest season is during the Canadian winter.   Click here for more info about diving in Anguilla.  

From St Maarten, it’s a short 20-minute boat ride to Anguilla.  Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory. Tourist currency transactions are in US dollars.