We like this companion site, but we love the book more.  Why?  It’s crammed full of stories, and people, and insights, and trivia, and history, and inspiration about the big, blue and wonderfully weird world we live in.

Robin Esrock spent over 10 years of life visiting over 100 countries in search of one-of-a-kind experiences.  You know that oft-cited fact about if you spend 10,000 hours at something, you can become an expert at it?  Well Robin spent  way over 10,000 hours scouring the planet, from the Amazon to Zanzibar.

It’s his job to find stories that will delight and dazzle, the kind of experiences that make great fodder for dinner parties, and even better desserts for life.  Designed to be digested in small but meaningful chunks, it is a book that appeals to armchair and active travellers alike.  The book’s format allows you to start anywhere, and it can take you anywhere too.

Beautifully illustrated with photographs, the book unlocks exclusive digital content on this site, building a Bucket List community of readers around the world to debate, review and suggest new experiences for future editions.

For a book rooted in the things to do before you die, The Great Global Bucket List is full of wonder, wit, and the reasons that make life worth living.   

I hear you thinking:  Where can I buy it?  

  • In Canada: The Great Global Bucket List is available at Chapters-Indigo, Amazon.ca, McNally Robinson, all quality independent bookstores, and of course, online too. It’s also available as an e-book.
  • In the USA: you’ll find The Great Global Bucket List at Barnes and Noble, all quality bookstores, and on Amazon.com.
  • In Australia and New Zealand: look for in quality bookstores and on Booktopia.

While you’re here…

The Great Global Bucket List is part of a series of bestselling, story-based travel books penned by Robin Esrock.

The Great Canadian Bucket List – the smash bestselling book that travels across the Great White North in search of unique destinations and activities. Now in its second edition, The Great Canadian Bucket List is published by Dundurn Press and available online or in bookstores across Canada.

The Great Australian Bucket List – what are the most unique experiences that place Down Under at the top of the world’s best travel destinations. Published by Affirm Press, available online and in bookstores across Australia.

75 Must-See Places to Take the Kids (Before the DON’T Want to Go) – Thinking of travelling across Australia with young kids to everything, everywhere? Robin’s advice is simple: Don’t. But if you do, here’s a practical, hilarious and honest guide to the most incredible family-friendly experiences Down Under. Published by Affirm Press, it is available online and in bookstores across Australia.