The Aria

Cruise down the Amazon River


Discover the world’s largest river and wildest jungle aboard Aqua Expedition’s Aria, a floating palace that pampers guests on 3 to 7 days journeys down the Peruvian Amazon. Each well-appointed suite has wall-to-ceiling windows to watch the jungle float by, while meals incorporate local ingredients into gourmet delights. Daily speedboat excursions take you into the tributaries in search of the Amazon’s famous wildlife, and there are cultural encounters with local villagers too. It’s a bucket list river cruise of a lifetime.

Length of Trip : The Aria has 3, 4 and 7 night itineraries

Cost :
More information on prices for 3 night Discovery cruises, 4 night Explorer cruises, and 7 night Expedition cruises.

Best time to go : The ship runs year-round with a high water sailing (December to May) and low water sailing (June to November)

Wheelchair friendly : Call ahead to make arrangements with Aqua Expeditions

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat :
Meals are served in the panoramic lounge on the top deck, with an introduction into extraordinary Amazonian fine dining. Armour Catfish Broth with Tapioca and Wild Cilantro. Fresh Corn Cake with Freshwater Shrimp Salsa and Crème Fraiche. Rib-Eye Steak with Peanut Sauce and Jungle Greens. Ingredients you won’t find back at home, prepared by award-winning local chefs into dishes you’ll hope to have the good fortune to taste again.

Official Site :
Click here for more information from Aqua Expeditions.

Where to Stay :
Accommodation on the boat!
When staying in Lima, we recommend the Swissotel Lima.

Getting There :
Fly with LATAM Airlines to Lima and onto Iquitos. You'll be meet by Aqua Representatives at Iquitos airport.

Note from Robin :
There are two launchpads to discover the Amazon. Brazil's Manuas and Peru's Iquitos. Iquitos tends to be a little quieter but sees a steady stream of visitors. Low water and high water itineraries come with different perks, but you can't really go wrong. The bugs are not nearly as fierce as you'd expect, but bug spray is handily provided. When it comes to wildlife, there's never a guarantee but we saw many species of birds, pink dolphins, sloth, monkeys, tarantulas, caymans and even an anaconda.


Photo Credit: Aqua Expeditions


Photo Credit: Aqua Expeditions