Haunt a Ghost City

Visit Chernobyl


It doesn’t feel that dangerous standing outside reactor number four. That’s because radiation is a silent killer. The true creep only sets when you visit the nearby deserted city of Prypiat. Residents had just hours to leave, abandoning everything, including their pets. Today, the city is a post-apocalyptic nuclear nightmare. Dead silence, school books flapping in the wind, toxic buildings cracking with time. Since everything inside the 30km Zone of Alienation is considered nuclear waste, there they will remain. Fortunately, you can safely return from the site of the world’s worst nuclear disaster with your bucket list and photos intact.

Length of Trip : 1-2 Days

Cost :
One Day: US$97 for one person, with discounts for groups.
Two Day: US$350-400 (with accommodations).
Click here for more info and the latest prices.

Best time to go : May-September

Wheelchair friendly : Contact operator if arrangements can be made.

Family friendly : Not recommended for kids

Where to eat :
Meals are provided by your operator. Unless you dine in the firefighter's quarters where food is trucked in, there is no dining within the Zone of Alienation.

Official Site :
Tour Kiev

Where to Stay :
Chernobyl: Chernobyl Hotel
Kiev Budget: EuroHostel Kiev
Kiev Hotel: Sherborne Apart Hotel
When staying in Kiev, we recommend the Fairmont Kyiv.

Getting There : Solo East Tours offer daily tours to Chernobyl from Kiev, picking you up at your hotel. Tours include permits and transport, and accommodation can be arranged on request. If you show up without the correct permits, you will not be permitted to enter.

Note from Robin :
Is it safe to visit Chernobyl? Yes, providing you stick to the rules, and take the invisible threat of radiation very seriously. Even the ground and leaves are toxic, which is why you'll be screened before you leave, and quarantined if you don't get the all-clear. Hundreds of people live in the Zone of Alienation - firefighters, scientists, support staff, and while radiation levels are decreasing, they are rotated since it's still many times higher than what you'd want it to be. The Prypiat school, with the blackened dolls, is creepy beyond words. There's nowhere else on Earth like this place (and there shouldn't be).



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