A Night of Sky Lanterns

Chiang Mai’s Loi Krathong


Same Same but Different. Visitors to Thailand become intimately familiar with this slogan because just about every market stall and restaurant offers the same products and menu. The same is true in Chiang Mai, the country’s second largest city, located in the north. A favourite destination for travellers, the city comes alive under a full November moon for the Loi Krathong festival. Out come the masses to make wishes and honour the water gods with decorated baskets made of wood, banana leaves, and flowers. Floating above, like glowing marshmallows in a lava lamp, are thousands of magical sky lanterns.

Length of Trip : 3-7 Days

Cost :
There is no entrance fee for the festival. You can purchase sky lanterns from vendors on the streets.

Best time to go : The festival always takes place in November, but on a different day every year

Wheelchair friendly : Yes

Family friendly : Yes, but the crowds get pretty thick so keep an eye out for the kids!

Where to eat :
For delicious and unusual Thai food and a bohemian atmosphere, head to Khun Nai Dern Sai located at Soi 11, Nimminhemin Road.
If you're in the mood for some of Thailand's finest vegetarian cuisine, try The Whole Earth

Official Site :
Tourism Thailand

Where to Stay :
Budget: Chiang Mai Gate Capsule Hostel
Mid-Level: de Naga
High-End: Akyra Manor Chiang Mai

Getting There :
Most international airline hubs have flights to Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport. From Bangkok, Chiang Mai is a 1.5-hour flight or 12-hour train ride away. There are several flights a day.

Note from Robin :
The culinary arts sizzle in Thailand which has a: the best cuisine in the world and b: fantastic schools to accommodate all types of tourists. The Chilli Club Thai Cooking Academy, a terrific no frills option, is located in a popular budget guesthouse. It allows you to choose your own dishes from a vast selection, commencing with a visit to the local market to purchase the ingredients. Crush some lime or Thai basil between your fingers, dare to bite a raw chilli, learn about fruits and spices you never knew existed. Each wanna-be chef gets their own cooking station and cooks five dishes.