Fly over the Mediterranean

Paraglide in Olu Deniz


If you’ve every thought about paragliding, the place to take the tandem ride of your life is in Olu Deniz, Turkey. With perfect weather conditions most days of the year, your pilot will launch you off an 1800m-high mountain overlooking the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean. Safe in your harness, together you’ll hunt pockets of thermal air to gain elevation while you marvel at beautiful blue lagoons below, landing safely on a soft sandy beach. A bucket list experience guaranteed to will take your breath away.

Length of Trip : Half day excursion.

Cost :
There are a number of paragliding companies competing in the area so feel free to shop around (just make sure the operator is reputable!) Price per flight currently ranges between US$90 and US$130.

Best time to go : Year-round

Wheelchair friendly : No

Family friendly : Some operators will take young kids, email ahead to make arrangements.

Where to eat :
Megri Restaurant - This sprawling spot seems to occupy half the open square of Fethiye's tourist distict. Great mezes, not too expensive. Just follow the tourists through the market and look for the sign.

Official Site :
I flew with Hector's Paragliding.

Where to Stay :
Click here for recommendations from Trip Advisor. Another option is to stay in Fethiye and make it a day trip.

Getting There :
Most visitors will visit Olu Deniz from nearby Fethiye, one of the most popular tourist spots in southern Turkey. There are frequent buses and minibuses between the two towns.

Note from Robin :
Paragliding as a tandem passenger is simple. Just strap in and follow the instructions of your pilot. The most challenging part is the drive up the hill to the launch pad. It's longer and bumpier (and a little more terrifying) than you'd expect, so prepare for it.