Meet a Polar bear

Churchill’s Tundra Buggy Lodge


Each fall, the outpost town of Churchill welcomes nearly one thousand polar bears eagerly awaiting the Hudson Bay to freeze in order to head north and feast. The world’s most southerly population of polar bears migrate around Churchill, which is why the town has closed-circuit cameras, bear traps, and a bear jail for bears that get a little too close. Tour operators offer customized, elevated tundra buggies and unique accommodation to take you safely into the tundra for an up close and personal encounter with the world’s largest carnivore.

Length of Trip : 3 - 7 days

Cost :
Adventurer Level: (self guided, larger groups)
$3899.00 - $4559.00 per person

Enthusiast Level: (guided, medium groups)
$6999.00 - $7399.00 per person

Specialist Level: (specialist guide, small groups)
$8699.00 per person

Best time to go : The bears typically emerge mid-October to mid-November, when the tours are offered.

Wheelchair friendly : Call ahead to make arrangements

Family friendly : Yes

Where to eat :
All meals are provided on the Tundra Buggy Lodge.

In Churchill, try:
Gypsy’s Bakery and Restaurant
The Tundra Inn

Official Site :
Frontiers North Adventures
Learn more about Canada.

Where to Stay :
Frontiers North arrange lodging for their groups.

If traveling independent, check out:
Tundra Inn
Churchill Motel & Restaurant
Seaport Hotel

When staying in Winnipeg, we recommend the Fairmont Winnipeg.

Getting There :
Fly from Winnipeg to Churchill on a chartered flight (organized by Frontiers North)
If you have time on your hands, there’s a slow VIA train from Winnipeg to Churchill as well.

Note from Robin :
Since you’ll be spending most of your time on board the heated lodge, you only need two outfits: Something extra warm and something extra comfy. Pack light, there’s not much space, although it is efficient and you really don’t need much. Bring a good book for the evenings. The experience is all about the bears, not the comforts. That being said, the Tundra Buggy is cozy and pleasant.



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