Mossel Bay, South Africa

Swim with Great White Sharks


The coast of South Africa’s Eastern Cape is full of Great White Sharks, an apex predator in the ocean. Cage diving is open to all ages, no experience necessary. You are thirty times more likely to be killed by lightning than by a shark, an incredible creature vital to the marine eco-system. Yet ignorance and fear have put sharks (and the great white in particular) on the endangered list. Swim with Great White Sharks, meet one at eye-level, in its natural habitat. It is as thrilling a moment as any on the bucket list. Here fishy fishy…

Length of Trip : Usually 3-4 hours for the excursion.

Cost :
About US$80 per adult, and US$40 for kids under 12.

Best time to go : Year-round. In summer months, the sharks are located at the far side of the bay so the boat ride is typically 20mins to 30 mins.

Wheelchair friendly : No

Family friendly : Ages 6 and up!

Where to eat :
Light refreshments are served on board the boat. A popular dish in this neck of the woods is an ostrich steak. It's very lean, tasty, and a little gamey. A good place to try it is at the Kingfisher Restaurant, with some fabulous local seafood options too.

Official Site :
Visit White Shark Africa for more info.

Where to Stay :
In Mossel Bay, we recommend: The Garden Route Boutique Hotel and Spa
If you're continuing onto Outshoorn, we recommend: Turnberry Boutique Hotel.

Getting There :
Mossel Bay a city located on the Garden Route (the N2 Highway), the popular strip that runs along South Africa's south coast between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. It is located 350km from Cape Town, and close to other regional highlights like Knysna, the beaches of George, Wilderness and Plettenberg Bay.

Note from Robin :
With its close proximity to Outshoorn (and the fabulous Cango Caves), you can dive with sharks and man-eating crocodiles on the very same day! If you get sea-sick, it's not a bad idea to dose up an hour before you hit the boat for the 10 minute ride to Seal Island. Conditions can be a little rough. You don't need any diving qualifications or experience. There's no guarantee the sharks will be about unfortunately, but White Shark Africa claims an 84% success rate. If you don't want to dip in the cage, you're welcome to view the sharks from the boat. The boat takes maximum of 18 guests, who rotate in the 5-man cage. Visibility is typically 4 - 15 metres, and the water temperature between 15C and 22C. Refreshments and a light lunch is served on board. Wet suits and snorkels are provided for guests. Once you see a great white shark at eye level, you'll develop an appreciation for the creature that can only benefit their conservation.


Photo Credit: Amanda Brewer