The Devil's Pool

Swim above Victoria Falls


Here’s a bucket list tip if you happen to find yourself at Africa’s biggest tourist attraction: it’s way cheaper to experience the falls from the Zambian side. What’s more, if you happen to be visiting during the dry season, you can take a boat tour to Livingstone Island, where stable rock pools sit right on the edge of the falls. Here you can swim to the very edge of the rock pool with tourists on the opposing Zimbabwe side watching in shock. Without seeing the protective rocks, it looks like you’re sure to go barrelling over the edge with the waters of the mighty Zambezi. Those seeking more thrills at Vic Falls will enjoy one of the world’s highest bungee jumps, excellent river rafting, and microlight flights.

Length of Trip : 2 hours for the trip to the Devil's Pool

Cost : View price information here.

Best time to go : Devil's Pool is open usually from late August to early January, which is also the best time to go rafting on the Zambezi. Water levels need to be very low in order to get to the pool.

Wheelchair friendly : No

Family friendly : Best suited for older kids.

Where to eat :
Zimbabwe: The Palm Restaurant
Zambia: Ngolide Indian Restaurant

Official Site :
Tours to the Devil's Pool.

Where to Stay :
The Royal Livingstone Hotel, Zambia

Getting There : There are direct flights from Johannesburg to Livingston with British Airways and South African Airways. If you're crossing from the Zimbabwe side of the falls, you can walk across the border and hop into a local Zambian taxi which wait on the other side. You'll meet for your tour in the lobby of the Royal Livingstone Hotel in Zambia.

Note from Robin : Unregistered access to Livingstone Island, where the Devil's Pool is located, is illegal. The island is located just a few feet from the edge of the falls, and you'll want to use a reputable company. Only 16 people are allowed on the island at any one time. Five trips are offered throughout the day, involving a boat ride, walk and a swim to the pool. You don't have to be strong swimmer, and it's perfectly OK if you pass on the swim, and simply enjoy the sensation of being right at the edge of Victoria Falls.