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The first edition of the book required you to register and enter a code to unlock all the experiences. Due to the devastating impact of Covid-19 on tourism, that requirement has been removed, and all the experiences are now available on the site. Please note that operators and logistical details might have significant changed as a result of the pandemic. We encourage you to visit official sites for the latest information.

The Great Global Bucket List is an organic document. It will grow, and one day, your experience might certainly be on it. Robin spent over a decade travelling to seven continents, polling locals, travel media and experts, and drawing on his considerable experience.  He knows that many, many experiences slipped through the cracks, but hopes to add them in future editions. Also, have you felt the weight of the book? And that’s after cutting 27 chapters for size!

Some readers may recognize Robin as co-host of the 40-part TV series Word Travels, seen on Travel Channel International and National Geographic worldwide. While original video and clips from the series are integrated into most of the experiences online, The Great Global Bucket List is not a television series.

When it came to creating The Great Global Bucket List, Robin looked for experiences that were exceptional, accessible, memorable, and most of all unique.  As a travel columnist and adventurer, it’s how he makes his living! Dozens of bucket list-worthy experiences were cut for space in the book, but they will live online in their own microsite.

Most definitely, and he welcomes your suggestions. Robin was limited in terms of what he could cover and where he could get to.

The website was designed to compliment and enhance the book. It includes experiences that belong in the book but didn’t make the cut due to timing, budgets and space. Perhaps in the next edition! But since the website is its own beast, new experiences will be added all the time.

NO, we are not a travel agency. We do however provide links and contacts for you to book any of these experiences through reputable operators and tour agents.

Each adventure is different. Some essential gear is recommended on each experience page, but it’s worth following the links provided for more information.

All the items in The Great Global Bucket List were selected by Robin with complete editorial independence.  A Bucket List is only as faithful as the people who believe in it!  Robin makes convincing arguments for each item in the book, although some readers are bound to disagree. Robin did work with tourism boards and marketing partners to find and select experiences on the website.